Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mammograms: Helpful or Harmful?

Recently recommendations concerning mammograms have changed. It was previously suggested that women over 40 years old receive regular mammograms. Now the suggested age is 50 years old.

Every women is, of course, concerned with breast cancer but are mammograms really helpful or do they cause more harm than good?
According to Dr. Joseph Mercola ( mammograms expose women to 1,000 times more radiation than a chest x-ray. He also expresses concern with mammograms compressing the breast tightly. This not only causes pain but if there are cancerous cells, it could cause them to spread. Excessive radiation, pain, and possible spreading of cells.... this isn't sounding like the best option! Read more info on this from Dr. Mercola here
In fact, more and more doctors and other health care professionals are expressing concerns over regular mammograms.
Here is a quote from Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny
" Conventional medicine stopped using routine annual chest xrays years ago because of the increased risk of cancer. It is time for women to understand that routine mammograms are leading to the same endpoint. For each 1 rad of radiation (which is about 2 mammograms) the risk of cancer is increased by 1 percent. Radiation accumulates it doesn’t simply pass through the tissues onto the plastic plate. "
You can read the more from Dr. Tenpenny here

So what is a woman to do?

1. Eat well and exercise
2. Limit stress
3. Keep hormones balanced naturally
4. Make sure you're Vitamin D levels are where they should be (important in preventing many cancers)
5. Do self exams
6. Look into breast thermography instead of mammograms

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