Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Bacteria

You may have heard that good bacteria or probiotics are great for your immune system and health.

Most people have seen the commercials on tv for yogurt that makes claims such as regulating your digestive system. But did you know that this is not a reliable way to get the probiotics you are looking for? It's true, according to, commercially available yogurts sit for days and tend to produce acids. This means that by the time you get these yogurts they will not give you what you are looking for. Not to mention that most yogurts contain way too much sugar or artificial sweetener which are terrible for your health. That's not even taking into consideration the herbicides,pesticides, hormones and other junk that is in regular cow's milk.

So as you can see yogurt is not the best option for adding probiotics. You may be asking what is the best way? Well, you can always make your own yogurt or keifer. This is another instance of homemade being so much better than store bought. This way you know that the yogurt hasn't sat on a shelf somewhere. If you use organic milk or milk from a local farm you trust you know that the cows have not fed on food that was treated with herbicides,pesticides, and you know that they are not given growth hormones or antibiotics.
If you are not quite to the point of making your own or that doesn't interest you at all you can always supplement. Supplements come in a wide variety of strains, brands, and prices.
If you are interested in learning more about probiotics, what they do, how they work and what to look for be sure to read this information from UAS Labs. It's very informative!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green Baby Shower

I just read an article called the ABC's of a Healthy and Green Baby Shower on .

Good article! I really liked some of their ideas.

I think the idea of a green baby shower is great!!

Some of their ideas might be hard for some to do but overall the message was that everyone is a different shade of green and the thought and effort is what's important.

Along with the great ideas in this article, I had a few of my own :)

First idea, Be sure to tell people if you don't mind gently used clothes, cloth diapers, bedding, and other baby/kid essentials. As fast as babies grow out of things, gently used may be a great option! Not only is it reusing and recycling but also a big money saver!!

And, number two- Along with gently used, consider homemade. These items are usually unique, very cute, and functional. And it always means more when someone put time and effort into something.

Feel free to leave us a note and share some of your favorite green baby shower ideas!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Reasons To Consider Cloth Diapers

We've all heard our parents, grandparents or others saying how easy we have it now because we have disposable diapers and how much time they spent diapering and cleaning but that was all they had was cloth.

Well you may be surprised to learn that cloth diapering is making a come back in a big way!

Why you ask? Well, different people will probably give you different answers.

We're expecting our second baby in July and I've been seriously considering cloth diapers for a few reasons.

First, diapers contain chemicals that I don't want on my baby's skin. We try to keep as chemical free of a lifestyle as possible so it makes sense to consider a less toxic option.

Second, disposable diapers are not very eco-friendly. I don't like that you throw them away and they sit in a landfill somewhere.

Third, after the initial investment you can actually save money! Who wouldn't like that?

After looking at all of the options, and there are quite a few, I still don't know what diapers we will go with for sure but I know that the more I look at them and learn the more I really like the idea!!

Here is a website that answers the question, Why Choose Cloth?

I really liked the cost comparison too :)