Monday, April 19, 2010


Here is something that may be of interest to you.... toothpowder!

I learned about toothpowder a few months ago while reading about toothpaste and how to make your own. I was intrigued with the idea of homemade toothpaste because regular toothpaste has fluoride and other undesirable ingredients so I thought I might try making my own. Then I came across toothpowder and learned quite a bit. I especially like that it actually remineralizes and strengthens enamel!!

Here are some of the benefits I found interesting:

(taken from

*DailyCare Toothpowder. Ounce for ounce, and brushing for brushing, contains more minerals essential for strong, healthy teeth than any other dental care product.
*Naturally effervescent.
*Less abrasive than brushing with just a wet toothbrush
*Cleans and polishes teeth
*Hardens and remineralizes tooth enamel without potentially toxic fluoride.
*Leaves your entire mouth feeling fresh and tingly.
*Up to 200 brushings per 2 oz. bottle. Lower cost and less environmentally-polluting packaging waste.
*Contains myrrh to support the gums
*DailyCare comes in Mint, Cinnamon, Anise and "mint-free" Lemon Lime flavors.
*SpecialCare Toothpowders: Including TartarGuard and ExtraBrite for those who have special needs. These special toothpowders contain additional ingredients such as Enzymes, Zinc, and Peroxide for enhanced health and cosmetic benefits.

For more info on toothpowder check out Eco-Dent's website

Or stop into the store, we have tried it, carry it and love it :)

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