Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Local Food

It seems like you hear more and more about buying products locally.
I think if at all possible that is a fantastic idea! I happened to have the tv on tonight and a commercial caught my attention. Most of the time I could do without commercials but this one was talking about buying local products and how it effects the local economy which as we all know, Michigan and it's citizens can use all of the help it/we can get!
I don't know much about the Michigan Land Use Institute but I did think that a website linking people to local food and other products was a great idea!
Here is what specifically caught my attention,
(from their commercial and website)

If we all spend just $10 a week
on local farm foods,our regional economy
will grow by nearly $5 million a year!

$10 a week makes a difference of $5 million dollars a year for local economy!
Definitely seems worth trying to do!!

Here is another resource if you are interested in buying and eating local
You can search for CSA's , farmer's markets, restaurants and more!

Be sure to check out both sites when you have a little extra time, there seems to be a lot of info :)

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