Friday, December 11, 2009

Considering Vaccination?

Vaccination is definitely a hot debate.

Some believe vaccinations are necessary and seem to have no reservations, some choose to selectively vaccinate and then there are those that do not vaccinate at all. As Americans we have this choice and we are able to choose what we believe is best for our children and our families. No matter what you choose, a well rounded education and knowing the laws in your state are very important. In order to have a well rounded education on this subject it is important to read information from reliable sources from both sides. It is fairly simple to obtain information on the pro-vaccine side, you can find this information from your doctor, the CDC, the FDA and others. But what about the other side? Those that say vaccines are not as effective as we're told, have no long term testing, contain harmful substances, and more. This information, although becoming more mainstream, is still not as well known. That is the the point of this writing, to shed some light on lesser known information. Although we at The Health Hutch are not for or against vaccination (we believe in every persons right to choose) we do believe that both sides should be considered before making any decision.
Here is an excerpt from a very interesting article from (the article is from Dr. Whitaker, ) This article discusses vaccines, autism, and developmental disorders.

" Physicians talked about the appalling lack of safety and efficacy data for the HPV and influenza vaccines. Experts compared vaccination policies in the US and abroad and pointed out that American kids get more vaccines and are worse off than those in other countries."

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The next article by Jennifer Margulis is from Mothering Magazine and is quite long but does a great job of showing both sides.
Interested? Read it here!

So there are a few interesting articles but you may be wondering where to find more reliable information.
Here are a few sites you may want to look into: - this is an excellent site for information. You can also use this site to look up laws in your state. - great resource for information -this website has a lot of information about autism but also about ADHD, vaccines, and scientific news -this site is specifically for information in Michigan

These are just a few articles and websites to start with. If you or someone you know is wrestling with the issue of vaccination here are a few suggestions.

Take one thing at a time and don't overwhelm yourself. Find out which vaccine(s) your child is supposed to receive next. Look up these vaccines first. Learn what the side effects are, how prevalent the disease is in your area, how the disease is treated (both vaccinated and non vaccinated people can contract these diseases), and signs and symptoms of this disease. Once you've made a decision then move onto the next. If you are unsure of any vaccine and are told your child is due consider rescheduling the appointment or explaining you need more time to make a decision. Don't be rushed, you can always give a vaccination later if you choose, you can't take it back once it's given.

If you choose to vaccinate or selectively vaccinate, be sure to read the actual vaccine insert, consider only giving one vaccine at a time, and record the batch number and vaccine manufacturer.

We have many more resources that are not included here.
If you would like additional information, websites, or books please let us know. We would love to share!

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