Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hibernating is for the bears

With the onset of colder weather, shorter days, and snow covered streets, we eat more and exercise less, waiting for the spring thaw to get back in shape. Instead of having to make New Year's resolutions to lose holiday weight and join a health club, why not set goals to stay fit this winter?

Move Fitness Indoors
Winter is the perfect time to start a weight training program. When it's sunny and warm in summer, you'd rather be outside cycling or rock climbing. When it's snowing, why not lift weights for 30 minutes during lunch? Statistics show that more people suffer heart attacks in winter from shoveling snow, often because they're out of shape. With regular strength training, you'll be able to shovel that snow and get a head start with outdoor sports when spring comes around.

Walk Outside on Weekends
Going for a jog or walk during mid-day when the sun is high is a great time to get outside and catch a few rays. Be sure to dress warmly and drink ploenty of water. Dehydration is most common in colder months when you're less aware of fluid loss.

Take a Dance Class
Accept that invitation to the New Year's celebration or try a dance you've always wanted to learn. Just make sure while you're dancing, you're not hanging around the buffet table or the bar, and your waistline will thank you for it.

Rediscover Ice Skating
Whether it's on a frozen pond or at a rink, ice skating provides seasonal exercise opportunities and is especially good for the legs. And it's great fun, bringing out the kid in all of us.

Consider Snowshoeing
Snowshoeing is just a matter of strapping snowshoes to your boots and walking. Snowshoes make hiking trails and snowy city parks accessible.
Other fun winter activities include skiing, snowboarding, and water aerobics.

No matter what you choose to do be careful and most of all have fun!

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