Sunday, January 3, 2010

Children,Dirt and Health

In today's day and age everyone seems extremely cautious of germs or anything dirty. But at what cost? Your immune system is similar to a muscle, you have to exercise it for it to work properly. If our you or your children are never exposed to anything how will their immune systems recognize and deal with things?

Well it seems that according to the University of California, San Diego, children that are too clean are at higher risk for inflammation and disease. They also seem to have more trouble with allergies.

Next time you reach for antibacterial soap or harsh hand sanitizers remember- plain soap and water or gentle organic hand sanitizers (if soap and water aren't available) will do the trick without stripping away all bacteria which can actually be beneficial!

So let's get back to playing outside, running around barefoot, making mud pies, playing with frogs and worms, digging in the garden and all other dirty activities :) Just make sure to wash your hands before you eat and after you go to the bathroom and all will be well!

Check out this interesting article from Natural News for more information

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