Saturday, January 30, 2010

Healthy Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away and for those who are looking for a healthier life, a day full of love is wonderful, it does a body and soul good, but the candy, well... not so good.
We all know why sugar is bad for us (and there are a lot of reasons). So this Valentine's Day why not skip the junk, feel the love, and enjoy a healthy, happy day with your loved one(s).

So this sounds great right? Not sure how to get started? Well here are some ideas!

Instead of going out to dinner, consider staying at home and making a wonderful, tasty, healthy meal for two (or more, you could invite friends and show them how delicious healthy can be!). Not only will it be better for your body, it will probably be better for your wallet too! You can make it as romantic as you want. Think candles, roses, music, maybe some organic wine, and the two of you. Or think relaxed casual night in with great food, great friends, great wine and great conversation!
That's the beauty of planning your own night in, you can do whatever you feel :)

Need some yummy dinner ideas?

Look on our website,
or check out this one

Ok, you've got your dinner ideas now what about dessert?
You can actually pick almost any recipe that sounds good and replace unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones or you can go simple and easy and buy already made desserts that are on the healthier side, check out your local health food store :)

For dessert you can go simple like a cookie or brownie (these you may be able to buy already made) and then top with a little agave sweetened ice cream. It's delicious and not full of sugar.

Or maybe you feel like going all out and making something really special!
You can check out both websites above for delicious dessert recipes or you can find/use your own and modify them to make them a little healthier. We like to use raw, unfiltered honey, or organic agave instead of sugar for in baking. You may also want to skip the white processed flours and try something new! Brown rice flour, coconut flour and oat flour may not be familiar to you but they are usually pretty easy to use and work great as replacements.

Well now that you have a few ideas on how to have a healthier Valentine's Day, be sure to keep in mind that it's a day to show those you love just how you feel about them. So please let all of those in your life know how much they mean to you and how much you love them by spending time with them and enjoying it! It will be remembered much more than cards, candy, or flowers :)

Take advantage and cherish every moment you have with your loved ones and have a wonderfully Happy Valentine's Day!

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