Monday, February 8, 2010

Healthy School Food

Healthy food in school is something we should all support.

It is incredibly important that children get healthy, well balanced meals in order to grow, learn, and play like children should.
There are more overweight, unhealthy children in the U.S. than ever before. There are more children with ADD/ADHD, diabetes, and other serious health issues that were virtually unheard of in children a few generations ago. There are other possible reasons for this, but for many, these health issues are directly related to poor nutrition.

With my own child being pre-school aged this issue is definitely coming to the front of my mind. While talking with others about this subject most people ask why this is an issue. They wonder why anyone would think much about it, just send a lunch and then you don't have any problem.
But the truth is there is a problem. While my child may not be eating the lunch provided by the school, what about the children that do? All children deserve fresh, healthy options!
There should be no place in our schools for candy, sodas, and other processed junk food.

This year my goal is to make an effort to find/buy what I need from local sources (as much as I can). While looking for local sources for food I came across a few websites that I thought were great resources for getting healthier food into our schools and generally making our schools a healthier place overall. There are great ideas on how to teach kids about proper nutrition, packing healthy lunches and lunch ideas, having a school garden, green cleaning, and so much more!! You can even read and get ideas for healthy fundraising :)
Interested in learning how to have healthy food options, green cleaners, and an overall healthier school?

Check out these great websites:

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