Monday, June 7, 2010

June 2010 Newsletter

Terry Talks Peak Physical Performance
Today’s fast paced lifestyle has everyone on the go and there is little time to think of the impact that diet has on our body functions. In the last few decades, our ability to perform physically at its peak level has dropped drastically. In this article I will offer you solutions how to improve physically and build a healthy body. These solutions include concentrated and standardized fruit and herbal extracts that can make a significant difference in how you perform. Read More

Don't Let ED Get You Down

If you knew that eating more fruits and vegetables and getting more exercise could help improve your love life, would that motivate you to adopt healthier habits? Poor vascular health caused by a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and a poor diet can really put a damper on a man’s ability to perform. Fortunately actions can be taken to help improve blood flow allowing these men to fully rise to the occasion. Details Here

Flaxseed Lowers Cholesterol in Men
Here's some hope for men who prefer a more natural route to lowering high cholesterol: an Iowa State University study shows flax seed might do the trick. Results showed that consuming at least 150 milligrams of flax seed lignans per day -- about three tablespoons -- decreased cholesterol for men by just under 10 percent over the three months of the study.Read More

Meat Heavy Diet a Health Risk for Men
Men who eat more red meat (mostly beef and pork), processed meat (bacon, sausage, cold cuts, ham, and hot dogs), and grilled or barbecued meat have a higher risk of advanced prostate cancer. Get Information

Veggies Protect The Prostate
A diet high in vegetables can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, researchers in China suggest. Ruth Chan of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and colleagues examined more than 100 studies and concluded that the primary mechanism of this positive vegetable effect is antioxidant protection against DNA and cell damage.
Full Story Here

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