Thursday, June 24, 2010

Local and Sustainable

Recently I have been thinking about how important it is to buy local and sustainable products and support the local community and economy.
I learned that there is a community garden in the area and the produce goes to people and families in need. I think this is great!
I also learned that there is no longer a farmer's market in Clare :(
That's really too bad because people in this area could really use fresh, healthy, and maybe even organic products. It is really sad that Clare county was named the least healthy in all of Michigan!!
That concerns me.
I do think that there is so much that could be done to change that though and the community garden is a great start!
I was just reading about a town in Vermont that was struggling and found a way to not only survive but reinvented themselves has become a model for local,sustainable living. They have grown, created jobs, and helped their local economy!
I was inspired just reading about this town!
I know that many in this area are struggling but I truly believe that the same could happen in this area.
Eating locally and sustainably is not only healthy but contrary to some beliefs, it can be affordable, and it helps the local economy.
It's a win-win situation!!

Here is the link to a story about the town of Hardwick Vermont-

If you would like find resources for local and sustainable living check out

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