Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arnica For Arthritis Pain

Good news for arthritis sufferers!

The homeopathic remedy, Arnica, has been shown to be more effective against arthritis pain than ibuprofen. In a Swiss study, 204 people applied one remedy or the other in a gel form to arthritic hands and the arnica users reported greater levels of relief!

This is wonderful news not only because people can find relief from pain but also because homeopathic remedies are safe, effective, and non toxic!

If you are interested in trying arnica for your arthritis or pain you may be glad to know that it is available in gel, cream, spray, and can also be taken in a small pill form.

Arnica is also great for just about any other type of pain, bruising, over exertion, or trauma so it is a definite must for any one's medicine cabinet, first aid kit, purse or anywhere else :)

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