Monday, August 2, 2010

Sanitizers For Back To School

School will be starting in about a month and it's time to get everything your child(ren) will need. For most it also includes a request from schools or teachers asking parents to send bleach, Lysol, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer.

It's no secret that germs spread quickly and being able to wipe desks, toys, and other surfaces can cut down on sickness. (Along with good handwashing)

And while bleach, Lysol, and other products do seem to kill germs they are also chemicals that don't need to be used. They are bad for our environment and our children. The good new is that there are healthier options that work just as well!!

This year why not send all natural disinfecting products?!

Here are some suggestions:

*Plain white vinegar has been shown to kill germs and is a deoderizer

*Hydrogen peroxide

If you are looking for an easy, effective option check out Seventh Generation

they have disinfecting wipes and spray that kills 99.9% germs without nasty, toxic chemicals!

Looking for a great hand sanitizer that works?

Check out CleanWell, they have wipes, sprays, and foaming desk top bottles that are botanical based!

Hopefully everyone can start the new school year a little greener and less toxic! :)

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