Monday, September 13, 2010

Things To Ponder Before Baby-Week 3


Now here's a delicate subject!

Circumcision is not something I gave a thought to before being pregnant. I remember when we were filling out the birth plan and were asked if we had a boy would we want him circumcised. After a brief discussion, my husband and I decided that's what we would want.

I'm so glad we didn't have a boy! He would have changed him forever, and not necessarily for the better, right after being born :(

I understand that circumcision is considered by many to be a rountine practice and there are those that choose circumcision for one reason or another. Some choose that route because of religious reasons, thinking it's cleaner, they were told there's less of a chance of STD's (which isn't true by the way), and some think they just don't want their sons to be different. I think the important thing to do in any situation, including this one, is read and research as much as you can before hand. That way when the situation arises you can confidently state your decision and rest easy knowing you made the best decision possible.

By now you may be wondering why at one time I would have chosen circumcision for a son and now I wouldn't. Wondering what changed my mind?

Reading and research!

Here is an article that explains it all and from a doctor's perspective!

I think it sums it up pretty well :)

Here are a few sites if you are interested in more information on circumcision:

Be sure to check back next week for more Things To Ponder Before Baby!

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