Monday, September 27, 2010

Things To Ponder Before Baby-Week 4

This will be the last week in our Things To Ponder Before Baby series. After going over the birth plan, Vitamin K shot, eye ointment, Hepatitis B vaccine, and circumcision, we will end with feeding.

There are two choices breast or bottle.
Most know that breast is best for so many reasons!

In fact if you are interested in reasons here are 101 of them!!

Here is a great place to start if you are looking for breastfeeding help, The Le Leche League!

There's nothing like milk made just for your baby but if you choose not to nurse for whatever reason you may want to look into organic or homemade formula and glass bottles or at least bottles that do not contain BPA.

You can find some here

Organic formulas are available commercially although you may have to look a little for them. You can do a search for organic baby formulas and quite a few come up. *Just something to consider* Read about soy very carefully before deciding to use this as your baby's food. this article has a lot of info about soy but if you scroll down you will see the section on soy infant formula.

An even better option is to make your own. This way you know all of the ingredients and how it was made. The only down side to this choice is that it can be more work than nursing or just buying organic formula.

Interested in making your own formula??

Here are some recipes - goat milk recipe (goat milk is tolerated better by some babies, this is the one we chose.:)

There are more recipes out there, those are just a few that I have come across.

*Be sure to check with your doctor, dietitian,or nutritionist if you are at all unsure of your baby's nutritional needs.*

Well, hope that helps!

Having a baby is exciting, scary, confusing, and life changing!

Hopefully we have given you some helpful information to read about and research so that you are as prepared as possible before the big day!!

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