Monday, October 18, 2010

Does It Cost A Fortune To Eat Healthy?

It's a common thought held by many that it costs too much to eat healthy.

Although we ate semi-healthy, when my daughter was born we started eating as much fresh, organic, local, and healthy food as we can get our hands on (It seems having children changes you in more ways than you can even think of :), and it seemed like my grocery bill was getting higher every time I left the grocery store! I knew I had to figure something out because I wasn't willing to give up healthy food but I was spending more in groceries than my budget was allowing. It took some time to find different recipes, learn about foods I wasn't familiar with, and slowly but surely get away from packaged foods that I thought were convenient. Even though they were mostly organic, the packaged foods are still not fresh or cost effective!

For those of you that are interested in food that is good for you and doesn't break the bank you may want to read this article.

It has some basic ideas that can give you a starting point.
Keep in mind also that it may take some time to totally change your way of eating and grocery buying. Any thing you want to change will be a journey and sometimes you will take baby steps, sometimes leaps and bounds. Either is ok as long as you keep learning and moving forward! :)

P.S. A great website to help you find health food stores, farm markets, and farmers in your area is

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