Monday, January 3, 2011

Hand Sanitizers

I read an article about hand sanitizers today. It was saying that numerous environmental organizations wanted to ban a common ingredient, triclosan. You can read the article here

Triclosan is found in everything from children's toys, household items, antibacterial soap, and more and is bad for many reasons from being harmful to the environment to being linked to cancer.

So what's a person to do, especially during cold and flu season???

Plain soap and water and good hand washing practices are best.

But there are times when soap and water isn't available and I still really want to feel like my hands are clean so for those times I personally use a natural hand spray or hand wipe.

These are usually a blend of oils that are antibacterial and work just as well as non natural sprays but with the natural sprays or wipes are safe for kids!!

Want to learn more about a more natural option?

Look at and if you're interested stop in and check it out :)

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