Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do Kids Watch Too Much TV?

I don't know many kids that don't watch tv and it seems kids are watching more tv and shows that may not be really appropriate.
According to an article I read recently, preschoolers are watching an average of 4 hours of tv a day! I know everybody likes a good cartoon now and again but 4 hours of tv?! I remember watching tv as a young kid and the cartoons were the ones that came on Saturday mornings. I don't even know if that was 4 hours per week. I realize that may not be the case now. There are cartoons on 24/7 on some channels. But does that mean that we should let our kids watch tv just because it's there and something to do?
Personally, I think every thing in moderation. A cartoon or two a day maybe, but 4 hours is a lot! I like to see my daughter play, look at books, use her imagination, and run around outside instead of sitting indoors hooked on the latest cartoon/show.
Want to read a little more about this?
Any thoughts on the subject?
Here is the article that got me thinking about this today

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