Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green Baby Shower

I just read an article called the ABC's of a Healthy and Green Baby Shower on .

Good article! I really liked some of their ideas.

I think the idea of a green baby shower is great!!

Some of their ideas might be hard for some to do but overall the message was that everyone is a different shade of green and the thought and effort is what's important.

Along with the great ideas in this article, I had a few of my own :)

First idea, Be sure to tell people if you don't mind gently used clothes, cloth diapers, bedding, and other baby/kid essentials. As fast as babies grow out of things, gently used may be a great option! Not only is it reusing and recycling but also a big money saver!!

And, number two- Along with gently used, consider homemade. These items are usually unique, very cute, and functional. And it always means more when someone put time and effort into something.

Feel free to leave us a note and share some of your favorite green baby shower ideas!!

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